Bellingen Music: Wes Montgomery – Four on Six

I just made my playlist for tomorrow morning’s breakfast program on 2BBB FM here in Bellingen. As usual, I like to throw a classic jazz guitarist into the mix (amongst a whole range of music). I really don’t think you can go past Wes Montgomery for fluid amazing guitar playing. The influence that this guy has had on guitarist over the last half a century is huge! Here’s an interesting bit of trivia, he did’t use a pick but played with his thumb.. I was told by a guitar teacher of mine that Wes did this because he had a lot of kids at home and would practice when they were asleep and playing with this technique was the quietest way possible and he wouldn’t wake them 😉 Check him out and be inspired.. This is the song I’m going to play on the air tomorrow morning, from 1960 album The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery, Four on Six.


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