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Youth Week 2019

Youth Week 2019 is on from the 10th -18th April this year with the theme “Coming together to Connect, Share, Speak out and Celebrate”. Local youth services are getting together with young people to take over the Harbourside Markets at the Jetty Foreshore on Sunday 14th of April. If you are aged 12 -25 and you’re keen to get involved by performing or having a stall (at no cost) to sell something you’ve made or grown then get in contact with us at headspace Coffs on 6652 1878 or email Gary at gmaher@genhealth.org.au

2019 Already!

So another year has rolled around.. Happy 2019 to you!!! Let’s make this a musical year for us all!

I’m pumped to kick off this year and super keen to help all my current students here in Coffs Harbour with their guitar journey! It’s been great to have a break but I tell you, I love my job and the reward of helping out people realise their goals on the guitar is amazing. It’s wonderful to welcome back current and long term students as well as some new students starting out this year.

I’ll be keeping these posts going strong all year with some exciting content and guitar related material so keep checking in. There are some interesting developments happening behind the scenes this year so stay tuned for that.

Anyway, hope you’re off to a fine start this year and if you’ve set any musical new years resolutions.. Then let’s make them happen together!

Here’s a video of the band I was fortunate enough to catch live on New Years Eve.. Hello Tut Tut.. They were playing at the Bellingen Brewery and were awesome and talented!

Money For Nothing

I was asked by a student recently if I could help them learn a guitar riff that they had heard on the radio recently. It was the intro to Money For Nothing by Dire Straits. Brilliant choice I thought! It’s such a great riff and one that a guitar student can start learning as they are increase their skills on the instrument. Mind you, it can still be a bit tricky. I made up a sheet for my student and in our lesson we went through the parts of the riff together. What a great example of using our fingers to pluck the strings and make use of double stops (playing two notes together). This guitar riff is meant to be played on the electric guitar with a nice over driven amp tone and has some interesting little rhythmic structure to it also.



We got through the first half of the riff in our lesson here at my guitar teaching studio in Coffs Harbour and I’m really looking forward to seeing the student’s progress with it in our next lesson. Here’s the sheet I wrote for our lesson on this riff..


Iron Man

Have been working through this classic Black Sabbath song recently with one of my awesome students..

Such a cool tune off the Paranoid album, has some great power chord riffs and melodic breaks. Such a fun song to play!!

And the video.. Sweet as!




The Art Of Practising

When it comes to progressing on the guitar, we often think of hours of practise.. While this can be true it is not necessarily the case. It is true that hours of practice can be fruitful but there can also be hours “wasted” doing this. Having a clear intention and focus on particular aspects of guitar playing can be worked through more successfully in shorter periods of time.. What??

Have a read of this informative article on a better way to practise..

A Better Way To Practise

New Year New Gear

Well here we are in 2016!! I hope your holiday time has been well spent and that you’ve been enjoying the festivities..

As is usually the case around January, many people find themselves with a new guitar (thankyou Santa!) While initially this can seem like the coolest thing ever, I’ve known people to lose interest in the instrument fairly early in the year.. This can sometimes be because you might not have the right structure to further your skills with the instrument or the appropriate lessons to help you enjoy and play the guitar.

I have always had a great time catering my lessons for individual students in a way that is not only challenging but progressive and will help them get the most out of playing guitar with whatever level of experience they have. So if you’ve got new gear this new year, my guitar teaching will help you make the most of it and have the most fun.

Bands & Music Videos

As much as I enjoy teaching guitar to my students and helping them to achieve their goals, I also have a passion for playing guitar, especially jamming with other musicians, writing songs and performing. I’ve been jamming with a few people lately and been having a great time! I reckon that there could be a band in the wings with some gigs around the mid-north coast coming up in the new year, will keep you posted…

Meanwhile, here is a music video from my previous band Yardvark. We played together for a bunch of years, toured, recorded, gigged and had amazing experiences together.. Aah, much fun 😉




My 2BBB FM playlist for 10/9/15

Every Thursday morning between 6 to 9am I do a program on my local Bellingen community radio station 2BBB. I love community radio as it’s all run by volunteers and has such a wide range of programs and presenters. There’s no corporate involvement, sales, commercials and the music is always so much better than anything you would ever hear on commercial radio. (I used to work in this industry and it left a real bad taste in my ears 😉 )


So I thought I’d give a run down of the music I’ll be playing on the show tomorrow morning. It’s always enjoyable creating a fresh playlist each week so here you go…


Hour 1 (Always the cruisy hour of music.. Hey, I start at 6am!)

  • La Rosa: Alegria – Paco Pena
  • The Mad Hatter – The Mad Pride
  • Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) – Enya
  • Cattle and Cane – Jimmy Little
  • Hoppípolla – Sigur Ros
  • Heavy Heart – You Am I
  • End Of The Line – Traveling Wilburys
  • Sunday Morning Coming Down – Johnny Cash
  • Me And The Devil Blues – Robert Johnson
  • Heart Of Gold – Neil Young
  • Three Dimensions – Something For Kate
  • Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones
  • Riders on the Storm – The Doors


Hour 2 (I start to pick things up a bit here, the sun has risen)

  • Ambling Alp – Yeasayer
  • My Culture – 1 Giant Leap
  • We’re Going To Be Friends – The White Stripes
  • Buenas Tardes Amigo – Ween
  • Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve
  • Stella By Starlight – Tal Farlow (This is my jazz guitar indulgence track of the morning)
  • Coconut – Harry Nilsson
  • Innuendo – Queen
  • Angel – Jimi Hendrix
  • Oblivion – Grimes
  • The Day You Come – Powderfinger


Hour 3 (Now we’re cooking and I’m probably dancing around the studio)

  • Lepathon – The Walking Who
  • That’s Not My Name – The Ting Tings
  • English Summer Rain – Placebo
  • A Song For A Son – Smashing Pumpkins
  • Ping Island/Lightning Strike R – Mark Mothersbaugh
  • Scallywag – Ninja Vanish
  • The Widow – The Mars Volta
  • Come Sail Away – Styx
  • Thrillseeker – Josh Abrahams
  • If Everybody Looked The Same – Groove Armada
  • Release The Pressure – Leftfield



All done, now .. Until next week…

George Benson – Affirmation

I’ve had a jam on this song recently with a friend. Very nice structure with lots of minor 9th chords. The melody sounds great on the recording by George Benson, he’s kind of got that sort of thing sorted 😉 Loads of notes that look a bit daunting on paper but none the less are there to be played, explored, improvised and enjoyed..