2019 Already!

So another year has rolled around.. Happy 2019 to you!!! Let’s make this a musical year for us all!

I’m pumped to kick off this year and super keen to help all my current students here in Coffs Harbour with their guitar journey! It’s been great to have a break but I tell you, I love my job and the reward of helping out people realise their goals on the guitar is amazing. It’s wonderful to welcome back current and long term students as well as some new students starting out this year.

I’ll be keeping these posts going strong all year with some exciting content and guitar related material so keep checking in. There are some interesting developments happening behind the scenes this year so stay tuned for that.

Anyway, hope you’re off to a fine start this year and if you’ve set any musical new years resolutions.. Then let’s make them happen together!

Here’s a video of the band I was fortunate enough to catch live on New Years Eve.. Hello Tut Tut.. They were playing at the Bellingen Brewery and were awesome and talented!