Grow The Music

Grow the Music (GTM) is a creative Music and Arts program that deliver extensive workshops for disadvantaged remote Indigenous communities across Australia.

The main aim of Grow the Music is to build self-esteem and confidence through Music, Art and Film while also coordinating campaigns promoting positive community messages.

We want to give young people the best opportunities to grow and find their own voice.” Emily White, GTM co-founder.

The GTM program provides opportunities for communities to work together and feel a great sense of pride and achievement throughout. All achievements are celebrated at the large scale youth and community concerts which are held at the conclusion of each program.

While the program is being delivered, the workshops are completely free to all community members. We rely heavily on donations of materials to help us deliver a full and meaningful program, including a large scale concert featuring local artists and established musicians.

Musical instruments are donated where possible to community members and youth who need them. We focus on training up local members of the community to maintain the equipment and instruments in order to maximize opportunities for music making in the community after the completion of the program.

Our vision is a future where programs such as this are used widely to support Music and Arts education, health and community development.