Guitar Teacher Coffs Harbour

The guitar is a lifelong journey

Music is easily one of the most universal experiences that humans share. All cultures through all of history have been involved in music, from creating to listening and composing to analysing. We have made use of all sorts of materials in the creation of instruments and come up with a plethora of sounds. Obviously in modern history the guitar has risen to be one of the most widely used and played instruments.. Of course, it’s awesome!

As you undertake your journey with this amazing instrument you continually discover new ways of playing and subtle achievements that take shape over time, with persistence and playing comes the rewards. Some people find playing the guitar to be a form of therapy, some an expression of themselves and others a way to bring people together.

No doubt you are a fan of music and have your favourite genres, bands and players. I’m sure that you have been inspired countless times and been through many emotions with your music. Maybe you have been playing for a while and have written songs of joy as well as sadness, or maybe even something middle of the road.

Whether you desire to further your musical vocabulary or build it from scratch, there is always a productive way of doing so. Many styles of guitar playing and techniques can be broken down and explored in productive ways before putting it all back together and adding it to your ever growing musical vocabulary. With time, study, practice, playing, jamming and having fun you will feel the guitar become an extension of your own way of being.

I am able to help you uncover more of your talent and potential with our guitar lessons here in Coffs Harbour. I cater the lessons to meet your needs and break down the steps required to take you where you want to go. I help children at a local school with guitar lessons each week as well as private lessons for beginner players through to more advanced players, teaching kids, teenagers and adults. I firmly believe that there is never an end result in this wonderful world of music and playing the guitar. It is such an amazing, lifelong journey..  Enough talk, let’s play!

Guitar Teacher Coffs Harbour

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