Money For Nothing

I was asked by a student recently if I could help them learn a guitar riff that they had heard on the radio recently. It was the intro to Money For Nothing by Dire Straits. Brilliant choice I thought! It’s such a great riff and one that a guitar student can start learning as they are increase their skills on the instrument. Mind you, it can still be a bit tricky. I made up a sheet for my student and in our lesson we went through the parts of the riff together. What a great example of using our fingers to pluck the strings and make use of double stops (playing two notes together). This guitar riff is meant to be played on the electric guitar with a nice over driven amp tone and has some interesting little rhythmic structure to it also.



We got through the first half of the riff in our lesson here at my guitar teaching studio in Coffs Harbour and I’m really looking forward to seeing the student’s progress with it in our next lesson. Here’s the sheet I wrote for our lesson on this riff..