Music and Your ‘Super’ Brain

It’s not an understatement to say that our brain is probably the most amazing part of our body. How could we not want to have the most well developed brain possible? There’s many ways to help sharpen your mind but learning and playing an instrument is one of the best ways that we can do this! This is great news for us who play the guitar. Although just listening to music will send your brain firing, actually playing an instrument will send it into overdrive. Neuroscientists are continually studying the brain and have found that people who play instruments work their brain in a complete and unique way that is highly complex and rewarding. When playing the guitar for example, we utilise several areas of our brain as well as both left and right hemispheres. This creates a full on work out in our brain development and functioning. All of this has a wonderful flow on effect of how we can function in other areas of our lives. Pretty cool eh! Have a look at this video below that outlines the super workout we get when playing music.



If you’re interested in working out your noggin and developing a super brain, then taking guitar lessons here in Coffs Harbour is a great way to go. We can work together to get you playing all types of music on the guitar with┬áchords, melodies, solos and even improvising. Call or email anytime and to find out about how our guitar lessons and start to enjoy the benefits today.