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Learning how to play the guitar is a continuous process and this amazing journey never ends. The first stage basically involves guitar lessons for beginners. At the beginner stage, practical lessons are combined with basic theory. We believe that learning songs before understanding the theory is one of the most important aspects of our Bellingen Shire guitar lessons. This enables you to bond with the instrument and develop a passion and vigour for playing the guitar.

Some people may argue that theory should always come first; however, realistically speaking the most important entity that a musician can obtain at this early stage of their journey is passion. Passion will get you positive feedback, personal satisfaction and gratification. These things are essential when it comes to enabling you to want to persevere long enough to take the next steps.

The next step is the intermediate stage in which you move forward when you commence your learning journey to understanding the underlining nature of why a sound… sounds so good. You then are able to deconstruct that sound into a working format of chords, melodies, harmonies, structure, notes and scales. At this stage, music theory becomes appealing. The intermediate stage teaches you how to improvise. The fingers begin to develop calluses and you’re playing ability starts to move away from an awkward enthusiasm to a more fluid muscle memory state of mind.

The chords at this point begin to take on a new authority within your playing style. You then begin to see the value in increasing your shopping bag of chords that you are able to play. At this stage you are also adapting into the flexibility of scales, harmonic relationships and melodic temperaments.

The next stage is the advanced stage. At this stage, you become a guitar player who moves people with your crazy sounds thus evoking the sense of honey between your listener’s ears, caramelising their sense of the world with every note, beat, strum and pause.

We help you develop your skills to a greater height ensuring that you are the best at what you do. This being a learning journey, our mission is to help you develop a thorough knowledge of the guitar and become the best guitar player there is – Learn How To Play Guitar Coffs Harbour

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